IT Security


Cyber Security Solutions

AtoZee Solutions provide end-to-end cyber security solutions and access to information through an integrated line of protection, access and identity management products. AtoZee Solutions is always working to deliver business ready security solutions that help companies achieve their business goals while managing risk and ensuring that the right people always have access to the information they need in order to stay focused on their business needs. The solutions we offer deliver protection, access and management solutions built around user identities and integrated on a highly secure, interoperable platform. Our cyber security solutions helps us deliver a more contextual and user-centric security solution; one that is aligned to the needs of our clients.

C AtoZee Solutions aims to achieve the goal of business ready security based on three fundamental principles::

  • Security must integrate and extend across the enterprise.
  • Security must help protect data that is accessible from everywhere.
  • Security must simplify the experience while being compliant.

Edge Security (Endpoint Security)

Implementing AtoZee SolutionsS’s edge security solutions provides a layer of security by monitoring your organization’s endpoints. AtoZee SolutionsS’s edge security solutions include:

Mobile device security management (MDSM)

MDSM administers and controls what, when, and where, users can access applications, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and preventing organizational data leakage.

Industrial control systems solutions (ICS)

Routers and firewalls that address SCADA and DCS control systems, enabling asset identification and management as well as embedded security.

Configuration and vulnerability management:

Vulnerability scanners identify, classify, and remediate vulnerabilities such as open ports and misconfigured software configurations.

Endpoint protection:

Disk encryption, host intrusion protection, and endpoint detection and response solutions ensure the protection of data at rest and in motion.

Asset management:

Understand the physical devices on your corporate network and receive notifications when new devices are added.

Network Security

AtoZee SolutionsS can deploy a combination of the following network security solutions tailored to your organization’s unique network infrastructure. AtoZee Solutions network security solutions include:

Intrusion prevention systems (IPS):

IPS record network traffic and analyze activity to prevent advanced malware threats and zero day vulnerabilities..

Firewall/unified threat management systems (UTMs):

In addition to traditional firewall capabilities (e.g., packet filtering and VPNs), UTMs enable protection of non-IP based legacy devices which often control critical infrastructures.

Network access control (NAC):

NAC improves network security by limiting availability of resources to devices that comply with predefined security protocols.

Advanced malware protection (AMP)

AMPs find, fix, and freeze malware detected within organizational networks.

Email, web & domain name security:

DNS security extensions filter email spam, monitor web traffic for malicious sites, and control the traffic end users can access.