Cloud computing represents a dramatic shift in how infrastructure and applications are delivered, but getting there involves much more than just the replacement of physical IT assets with a virtual environment. Effectively implemented, cloud can transform business processes, improve security, increase flexibility, drive cost savings and offer environmental efficiencies. AtoZee Solutions offers a broad portfolio of professional services aimed at ensuring our clients’ successful deployment, adoption and exploitation of cloud computing. AtoZee Solutions offers a full complement of cloud strategy services to help your organization take full advantage of cloud computing while minimizing costs and reducing risk. Through these professional service offerings, we partner with your organization and provide expertise in selecting a cloud strategy, designing business-grade cloud architectures, simplifying application migration and accelerating cloud adoption.

Critical Path Questions Addressed:

  • What cloud strategy should I adopt to transform my environment over time?
  • Which applications should I put in the cloud and what benefit would I gain?
  • How do we migrate our applications?
  • What cloud solution is best for our requirements?
  • How can we secure and backup our data?
  • How can we create a Disaster Recovery strategy?
  • How well prepared is our organization to support cloud?
  • How and when should we integrate SaaS applications?
  • How do we monitor and manage a cloud?

Migrating enterprise applications to the cloud starts with a comprehensive strategy, and success is achieved only through detailed planning and strong technical execution.

Cloud Services : From Assesment to Design ans Migration:

Companies thinking about moving their IT operations to the cloud are doing so with good reason—cloud computing offers huge advantages for reliability, availability, and efficiency while allowing you to better manage the costs of managing IT. However, cloud computing also means changing some of your current business models, processes, and IT strategies. And that’s where AtoZee SolutionsS can really help.

Cloud Assessments

Our cloud engineers will help assess and analyze your readiness for moving to the cloud. We’ll conduct an evaluation of how you do business, and identify workloads and processes that could best be improved through cloud computing.

Cloud Strategy And Design

Our team will create a complete strategy for moving your critical applications and resources to the cloud. We’ll develop the migration plan for implementation, identify hosting platform requirements and partners, and define the metrics that will illustrate success for your cloud model.

Cloud Migration

Once we’re ready with the plan of attack, AtoZee SolutionsS engineers will make the move to the cloud while minimizing the disruption to your business operations. We’ll identify the applications and workloads that are moving, prepare the system and storage resources for the migration, and monitor and test the environment throughout the process.